Sr. Manager, Human Resources, Vehicle Energy Japan


General Responsibilities:
This position, HR Sr. Manager of Vehicle Energy Japan’s (VE-J) US entity, performs duties related to its start-up phase and those related to after start up. At the start-up phase, this position works closely with Hitachi Automotive Systems Americas, Inc. (HIAMS)AM and (VE-J) to execute various duties to launch the new entity (hereinafter referred to as Vehicle Energy Americas, Inc. (VE-J)AM) in terms of HR. Initially, this position will be hired at (HIAMS)AM, then the employment will be transferred to (VE-J)AM once (VE-J)AM is established.

Start-up Phase Duties:

  1. Register company (incl. registering to the Labor Standards Inspection Office)
  2. Prepare company regulations (employment rules, personal evaluation, wage rules)
  3. Prepare working environment at offices (purchase office equipment, prepare parking lot, etc.)
  4. Other duties related to launch/run (VE-J)AM in terms of HR
  5. Prepare contracts (consignment of operations ((HIAMS)AM⇔(VE-J)), employment, loan (personnel), building lease contracts, etc.
  6. Hire core human resources

Post Start-up Duties:

1) Workforce planning and employment

  • Implement (VE-J)AM’s recruiting strategy
  • Interview applicants and administer pre-employment tests
  • Assist with completing background investigations
  • Practice transfers, promotions, and terminations

2) Employee and labor relations

  • Analyze employee grievances, and set countermeasures
  • Oversee engagement programs and other employee relations work
  • Plan and implement company-wide events
  • Manage company welfare facilities

3) Benefits and compensation

  • Analyze job duties and set job descriptions
  • Perform job evaluations and job analyses
  • Conduct and analyze compensation surveys

4) Risk Management

  • Develop and administer health and safety programs
  • Conduct safety inspections
  • Keep accident records and set countermeasures
  • Support Compliance related activities in the organization and ensures that rules and regulations of its organization are followed properly

5) HR Development

  • Conduct training sessions
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of training program

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